Registered Office Service

Every private limited company in England and Wales needs a registered office address. This address is where correspondence from Companies House and HMRC is sent. Each company director also needs to provide a contact address which is listed on Companies House for anyone to view.

By using our Registered Office service, you can keep your personal address private.

+ VAT per annum

** £255 + VAT if taken with CoSec Services


Why choose ProSec for your Registered Office Address?

Protect your privacy and ensure you never miss any government post.

Central London Address
Central London Address
Meet your statutory obligations with a central London business address to display on letterheads and websites.
Protect your Privacy
Keep your private life private and protect the privacy of your business and its directors.
Electronic Mail
Electronic Mail
Your government post forwarded to an email of your choice in PDF format, easy to share and paper-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a registered office?
  • What is government post?
  • What about other post?
  • What is a director's service address?
  • What is a trading address?
  • What checks do you carry out before we sign up for the Registered Office service?
  • What else can you do for my company?

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What our customers say

  • Quote

    Engaging ProSec has been transformative. No more late filings and no infuriating time wasted trying to decipher Companies House forms.

    David Hill, Director, Whyte & Brown Limited
  • Quote

    ProSec delivers an excellent service and offers outstanding value for money compared to similar services provided by law firms.

    Graham Elliott, Director, Superiority Through Evolution Ltd
  • Quote

    Companies House filings are rarely a priority, that is until you are being fined and threatened with closure. Thanks to ProSec I can now forget about them completely.

    Peter Read, Founder, Pelican Exchange Limited
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