About ProSec

ProSec was founded because businesses are being charged too much money by lawyers and accountants for company secretarial services. Neither law firms nor accountants are set up to deliver these services in a cost-efficient way, which means their customers are paying more for these essential services than they really should. ProSec’s sole purpose is to deliver these services as cheaply and efficiently as possible. By doing so, we aim to deliver the best value for money for our customers and free them up to focus on growing their business.

Hefty fines for failure to file

The late filing fines from Companies House can be expensive. Companies House made over £90m in late filing penalty fees last year which is why many company directors are willing to pay a lawyer or accountant costly fees to ensure the filing is correctly completed. ProSec offers an alternative and cost effective solution.

The ProSec team

ProSec is run by people with over 20 years’ experience of advising clients on corporate law. From listed PLC’s to small private companies, we have the experience to look after you and our Company Secretarial team are knowledgeable and efficient. They use the latest technology to ensure they never miss a filing deadline and, as they process filings on a daily basis, understanding and completing Companies House documents is second nature. This is why we can offer ProSec company secretarial services at a very affordable fixed fee of £295 per annum, excluding VAT.

How can ProSec help your business?

  • File your confirmation statement
  • File your annual accounts
  • Maintain your company registers
  • Make any further Companies House filings
  • Process your company incorporation
  • Provide a registered address
  • Provide other bespoke services
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