Register of Overseas Entities

If you or your company are based abroad and own a property in the UK, you need to register on the Register of Overseas Entities.

As authorised agents, ProSec can do this for you – from verifying your identity to completing the Companies House registration and filing your annual update.

+ VAT plus Companies House filing fee

Why use ProSec to add your company to the ROE?

We can do it all for you – from identifying and verifying who the beneficial owners are to completing the registration.

Professional Service
Identity Checks
Verifying the identity of the beneficial owners is a key part of the registration process. ProSec can ensure this is done correctly.
Registered Office

 Companies House Registration 
ProSec are authorised agents which means we can complete the whole registration process for you.



Registered Office
Additional Services
Companies will need to serve a s12 notice on their beneficial owners. ProSec can provide you with the notice.
Annual Updates
Companies House requires an annual update of the verified information. ProSec can do this for you (additional fees apply).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Register of Overseas Entities?
  • Can I register my own company?
  • How long does the registration take?
  • How does the ID verification process work?
  • What is a s12 notice?
  • Does the registration need updating?
  • What else can you do for my company?

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What our customers say

  • Quote

    Engaging ProSec has been transformative. No more late filings and no infuriating time wasted trying to decipher Companies House forms.

    David Hill, Director, Whyte & Brown Limited
  • Quote

    ProSec delivers an excellent service and offers outstanding value for money compared to similar services provided by law firms.

    Graham Elliott, Director, Superiority Through Evolution Ltd
  • Quote

    Companies House filings are rarely a priority, that is until you are being fined and threatened with closure. Thanks to ProSec I can now forget about them completely.

    Peter Read, Founder, Pelican Exchange Limited
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