Cosec MOT

Are you confident that your company’s statutory registers are up-to-date and accurate? Have you made all necessary filings at Companies House?

ProSec can run a MOT on all your CoSec activity and check it is in order, helping you avoid unnecessary fines.


Do I need a CoSec MOT?

Are you confident your statutory books are accurate and up-to-date and reflect your filings at Companies House? If not, ProSec can run a CoSec MOT to highlight anything that might need correcting or updating.

Company Registers
Company Registers
ProSec will check that your statutory books are up to date and accurately reflect your Companies House filings.
Further Filings
Further Filings
If we find you need to make any filings to cover historic share allotments or other changes, ProSec will make these for you.
Articles of Association
Articles of Association
Are your current articles of association compliant and fit for purpose? ProSec will highlight any inconsistencies and suggest how they can be updated.
MOT Report
MOT Report
You will receive a detailed report prioritising the work that is needed to ensure your statutory filings are accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a CoSec MOT cover?
  • What will happen after you have completed my CoSec MOT?
  • What is a confirmation statement?
  • What are the annual accounts?
  • What other filings do we need to make at Companies House?
  • What is a Person with Significant Control or PSC?
  • Why should we use your company secretarial service?
  • What checks do you carry out before we sign up for CoSec services?
  • What else can you do for my company?

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What our customers say

  • Quote

    Engaging ProSec has been transformative. No more late filings and no infuriating time wasted trying to decipher Companies House forms.

    David Hill, Director, Whyte & Brown Limited
  • Quote

    Companies House filings are rarely a priority, that is until you are being fined and threatened with closure. Thanks to ProSec I can now forget about them completely.

    Peter Read, Founder, Pelican Exchange Limited
  • Quote

    ProSec delivers an excellent service and offers outstanding value for money compared to similar services provided by law firms.

    Graham Elliott, Director, Superiority Through Evolution Ltd
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