Appointing or Removing a Director – how do you tell Companies House?

If a company appoints or removes a company director, it is required to let Companies House know. Below is a guide explaining how do to this.

  1. 1. Complete the correct form

The form used for appointing a director is Form AP01 (or AP02 if the director is a corporate entity). To remove a director, you should use
Form TM01 (it is the same form whether the director is an individual or a corporate entity).

Fill out the form with accurate and current information. To appoint a new director this includes their full name, service address, residential address, date of birth, nationality, occupation and any other directorships they hold. Some of this information is kept confidential and not shown on Companies House – the form will let you know the information that is made public.

  1. 2. Check the Articles of Association

Ensure that any director changes align with the company’s articles of association. The articles may include specific requirements or procedures for appointing or removing directors. Most articles will require you to hold a board meeting to accept the appointment or resignation of a director. For a resignation, you may also need to accept the resignation letter as part of the process.

  1. 3. Submit the Form

File the completed form with Companies House. Ideally this should be done online as Companies House is in the process of moving to a digital service, but it can also be posted.

  1. 4. Wait for Confirmation

Companies House will review the submitted form and, once accepted, they will update the company’s records. You should check the Companies House website to see when the appointment or removal has been filed. New directors will receive confirmation through the
post of their appointment.

  1. 5. Update Statutory Registers

Once the filing is completed, you should ensure the company’s statutory registers are updated to reflect any changes.

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